Update on my Substack -- we are building a research/writing team to bring even more value

Hi everyone,

I have been so busy the past month with the FinTwit Conference that it’s been hard finding the time to do my deep dive writeups plus the markets felt like they were getting a little frothy going into September — not to mention many big investors were expecting a pullback and therefore cautious about putting capital to work. Somehow the markets just keep grinding higher despite the near term headwinds.

I’m not sure what the next few weeks will bring but I still think we’re in a bull market for the next couple years with an improving economy, strong corporate earnings, accommodative fiscal/monetary policy and low interest rates. The big risks in my opinion are more Covid variants, a slowing economy, knee jerk reaction from tapering, lackluster job growth, sticky inflation, stock valuations and crippling tax policy out of Congress (income and cap gains).

With that said, I need to get back into doing my deep dive writeups because there are still some very exciting companies out there that I want others to know about.

My biggest winner this year has been $UPST which I wrote about in late December [click here to read] when the stock was in the $30s — $UPST is now up 725% year to date and it’s been my largest position for many months. I want to find the next $UPST and bring it to my subscribers as soon as possible.

Okay back to business, I’ve decided to team up with 4 different analysts/authors to help me put these writeups together every week. This means we’ll be putting out one writeup per week — with each author/analyst on a 4 week rotation.

We’re also hoping to host a weekly webcast to discuss the stock of that week, walk through the pros/cons of the company including notable risks, charts, financials, estimates, TAM, competition, lockup expirations, etc.

I will also continue doing my CEO interviews after these writeups — I think they provide additional value as part of our due diligence process in understanding the mindset of management and their approach to growing the business.

Now the fun part, I’m still looking for three more authors/analysts to be part of my team — if you are interested and you’ve already been publishing your own newsletter (Substack, Revue, Mailchimp, etc) please send me an email to jonah@luptoncapital.com with a link to your newsletter so I can see your writing style and thoroughness.

Additionally, in that email please include some of your top stock holdings so I know what kind of investor you are. Also, feel free to include a short bio and a blurb on why you started publishing a newsletter in the first place.

I’m confident this new team I’m assembling will be able to provide you tremendous value and insights on a monthly basis as we uncover and explore exciting growth stocks like $UPST $CELH $DMTK $CLPT $SOFI $DM and many others. In many ways you are getting 5 writers/analysts for the price of 1.

Just in case you’re planning to attend the FinTwit Conference but have not booked your rooms yet, you have until tomorrow (September 24th) to do so and get our negotiated group rate which is approximately 45% off the regular rates.

You can get all the details, links to hotel rooms, links to the event tickets, schedules, speakers and sponsors at FinTwit2021.com

If you have any questions regarding my Substack or the FinTwit Conference, please let me know.