$STEM interview and quarterly update webinar on Friday

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This morning I interviewed John Carrington, CEO of $STEM — this is one of my favorite growth stocks for the next few years and a top holding in my portfolio. I’m a big believer in the energy storage market of which $STEM is the leading AI-powered software provider that is hardware agnostic thus enabling them to work with the largest battery OEMs such as Tesla, Samsung and LG. I did a writeup on $STEM last month for anyone that might have missed it.

This coming Friday, August 27th at 11am EST I’m going to host a webinar and provide updates on some of my recent writeups and largest positions.

I’m planning to run through 10-15 stocks (depending on time) which will include my thoughts on recent performance, Q2 earnings results, 2021 guidance (if we have any), valuation/estimates and perhaps some charts.

Register for the webinar [click here]

This webinar will probably end up being at least 1 hour and maybe 2 hours. I will not be taking any Q&A during the webinar because it’s too distracting.

Yesterday I posted my current portfolio on Twitter [click here] in alphabetical order:

$AI — $APP — $CELH — $CLPT

$CPNG — $CRWD — $DLO — $DM



$PLTR — $ROKU — $S — $SOFI


$ZG — $ZI — $ZIM — $ZIP

I’m still very focused on growth stocks however there’s been alot of changes in my portfolio over the past few months which I can talk about during the webinar.